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Strong leadership with visionary plans still depend on financial resources to fuel their endeavors. With our extensive experience in the finance industry, we have helped many organizations with a wide variety of financial solutions.

Financial solutions come in many forms including improving the efficiency of operations, generating more revenue from traditional sources and creating capital from external sources. Mountain Sage Consulting has a proven track record of producing financial solutions for clients. In many cases, these financial solutions came from sources that had never before been considered. In other cases, solutions were generated through the application of traditional techniques applied in new ways.

Financial Solutions

Philanthropy Enhancement—Development plans and strategies that generate record levels of giving.

Financial Analysis—Translation of financial statements to useful, understandable data that enables critical financial decisions to be effectively made.

Capital Generation—Creating the capital that organizations need to thrive from conventional and non-conventional sources.

From a capital generation client:

“Special Transit has been the fortunate beneficiary of the services of Mark Holdt, Mountain Sage Consulting, for the past nine months. Mark is a rare individual who is both visionary in his grasp of the big picture and a master of the details. Time and time again, he amazed us with his insightful questions into our business, his thorough and in-depth analysis of options, and his crystal clear presentation of scenarios for our consideration and decision-making. Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to engage him again in the future.”

Lenna Kottke, Executive Director-Special Transit, Boulder, Colorado

 From a financial analysis client:

“Thank you for the work you did with our organization. It was definitely “with” or organization and not “for” our organization as you developed partnerships with staff and board members to accomplish our mutually developed intended outcomes. Perhaps the greatest work you did was your financial analysis and helping us prepare a budget and bi-monthly reports for the board in a way that board members could understand. You made it easy and pleasant, as well as successful.”

Jean Scholz, President and CEO-Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, Denver, Colorado.

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