Mountain Sage Consulting

Leadership Solutions by Mountain Sage Consulting

Strong, inspirational leadership is essential to an organization’s success. Effective leadership may be difficult to quantify, but you know it when you have it—and you certainly know it when you don’t. We guide governing boards, chief executives and leadership teams to strengthen their effectiveness and inspire others.

Leadership Solution Outcomes:

Board Development—High performing boards, engaged to have the greatest impact.

Executive Advising—Inspirational chief executives leading their organizations.

Leadership Training—Committed, cohesive teams, focused on success.

From a foundation board development client:

“Mark gave insight to the Foundation and provided guidance to making improvements in the operations. I saw a great deal of growth of the board as a result of Mark’s training. He is very adept at working with a variety of people and providing data regarding areas of improvement. I would strongly recommend Mark for any organization that is interested in improving the overall function of their board.”

Candace Gordon, M.A., C.C.C.-Estes Park Medical Center Foundation, Estes Park, Colorado.

From a capital generation client:

“The leadership that Mark Holdt provided throughout the project was key to its ultimate success—the project simply would not have happened without Mark. His ability to develop the larger vision, rally support for it and see it through to completion is remarkable. This project generated $6,000,000 for the organization, which went into their endowment to secure their financial future. I highly recommend Mark to any organization in need of his expertise and talents.”

Christine Quinlan, Project Manager-The Conservation Fund, Boulder, Colorado

From a planning process client:

"The planning process that Mark facilitated and the resultant plans themselves set our organization on a new course.  Targeting our resources and upgrading our facilities resulted in enhanced services to our existing clients and opened new markets. I have served on Boards of many non-profit organizations and worked on dozens of strategic plans over the past thirty years.  Mark’s work stands out in terms of comprehensiveness, specificity of recommendations, and accountability for results."

Joan Schaefer, President-The Shelburne Group, Shaker Heights, Ohio